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Why ”rest” should be a priority

There are a lot of busy days when we push hard and obtain a lot of good results. We are proud and we think that the energy level should be always high. The paradox is that the new tasks will never stop. Even if we have a very good planning process with help of tools like Trello and Google Calendar, we will have a lot of urgencies that will need our immediate attention. In such a rhythm we can overwork soon, but why we continue to push so hard?

Why the idea of pushing our limits is so tempting? Maybe, because of all self-help books that want to inspire us but forget to give us tools that can really help understand our deep fears and problems. They are like fresh showers that give us a fresh breath of energy that will not last for so long. If we will not solve the deep issues then often we will fall and overwork.

The work is an activity that guarantee our surviving and contribution to family and community development. We work to live but we don’t live to work. That’s why we should also think about rest because they go hand in hand. In the beginning, we had a lot of time to rest but or priorities changed when we wanted more and more. In US people have only 2 weeks of vacation in one year, that’s a very short period for having a normal recovery. In Moldova, we have 4 weeks of vacation and more free days because of official holidays and people still don’t know how to manage their recovery period.

Why do we think that we should get better at work but the rest isn’t a priority? When will we make a priority that will put recovery time on the same level as our most important task? Someone said that we can push for no more than 3 hours in a raw to be productive and efficient. What if we will have 15 minutes of totally recovery time between work periods?

I have felt many times that I push myself and I cant get a balance between work and rest, but I know for sure that I need to create a priority to rest more often and that will increase my productivity and efficiency. I just want to experiment more, let’s see how will go.

Photo by Drew Coffman on Unsplash

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