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Why do people leave?!

There are people that leave a mark on us, but in a moment they leave. How to deal with that is something personal. First, we need to understand that no matter what, everyone should think about himself and about what’s good for him. There is no way that someone should live their life for us. Each has limited time that he spends with someone, that’s why we should appreciate it and take most of it. Someone will give us just a few words that will change our life forever, others will spend more time, but with more words will change us as a whole.

There always will be someone that will leave, and we shouldn’t be angry with them. Instead, we need to be open to new people that will replace the old ones and maybe they will be better.

If we aren’t ready to forget the past, then the future is frozen for us.

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

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