Personal Development

Who is your dragon?

Despite all our big dreams and wishes, I think we never faced something so important or urgent to give us an impression of ”what are fundamental things” for us.

We run, run fast for money, power, respect, love, recognition, knowledge, appreciation, or any other thing you consider essential. You know why, in my opinion, things that society and our civilization impose us, aren’t the best we can get.

Once you face the chance to lose someone…

You can feel why all other things are so useless. ”Tools” are the perfect description of all things that we wanted, they can entertain us, but will never give us that feeling of acceptance and meaning.

What are those emotions and actions that you want to have in your life that will give you enough of everything you want?

Remember that tools have their role, only we can choose what will be significant in our life.

Photo by Tanya Nevidoma on Unsplash

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