Personal Development

Waiters or Doers

The funny fact is that everything created in this world was made by people. More precisely people like us, maybe smarter, perhaps more experienced, but they started at one moment when they were non-experienced and stupid.

It’s not a wrong fact to understand that you know less than someone. In the beginning, you can be upset, but this should be a motivation. The best is to compare yourself with you yesterday, or the last week, month, year. Its a competition between you and you. Other people should be an example for you that if you work, study and train you could achieve the same. So in this situation why we separate people into waiters and doers?

In my opinion, the doers understand the fact that the only measure it’s yours, and you should compete with yourself. They will measure their time and appreciate each effort as an act of obtaining something or procrastinating.

The waiters, on the other part, they blame others for their mistakes without being willing to learn and understand where is the opportunity.

Another funny fact is that we play both games. There is no clean ”doer” or ”waiter” we wear both hats. Important is to align your ”doer” personality with your priority list and your ”waiter” with your holidays time.

Please be conscious that you can choose and play the game you want.

Photo by Samuel Scrimshaw on Unsplash

Thank you for been here, I hope you will come back to read the next post.

Hint: Never stop learning and being curious, search for answers and enjoy yourself.