Personal Development

Where do great ideas come?

Creativity is a mix of all the information that we found in our way. The brain creates the connection based on our experiences, lectures, knowledge, and feelings.

The more you experience, the more connection you can create.

The way of creation is a limitless way of life and thinking that gives the chance of an idea to exist. There is no correct or lousy way for creativity; it’s the conscience that snaps you and provides direction. Based on that you go further and make discoveries that you never know.

An important fact is that we should learn from wrong experiments and try to improve any successes we achieved. With time we elaborate an intuition that can filter the right ideas. In sum, it’s only us that decide when to stop and where is the limit of our creativity.

As I know, we have a life to live, and we should give more of good things to this world if not those that are evil will not see a good example of change.

Create, experience, read, travel, share more and your creativity will increase.

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Hint: Never stop learning and being curious, search for answers and enjoy yourself.

Personal Development

Top skills

What will move you to the top?

The skills.

Only that?


Also, this.

The people, actions, readings, family, traveling, asking questions, investing wisely, being brave, taking courage, share the knowledge, being focused, starting now, taking control, reprograming your behaviors, loving yourself, giving love to others, leading from the back, being authentic, stop complaining, never-ending curiosity.

What else?

Moving forward, do your homework, never stop running, write a book, speak with others, super-serve good people, leave this world a better place, listen and never judge, be an example for others, develop, be water, using no way as a way, having no limitation as limitation.

In the end is an adding game, that will end only when you will decide, that’s enough.

Keep the heads up you are not alone.

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Hint: Never stop learning and being curious, search for answers and enjoy yourself.

Personal Development

Morning routines

I had read that the way you start your day is fundamental. It gives you power, direction, energy and focuses on achieving what you want.

In the last five years, I tried many to do lists and self-management techniques, and they helped me to achieve good results, but for greatness, I fell that I need something different. The paradox is that the only person that can stop me from making my dreams come true is me. The way it blocks me is because of the way I am.

We have a way to behave in this world, and the fact is that nobody taught us how to understand and push forward our strong side. For greatness, I realized that the most important is how I behave each day, what makes me energic, motivated, happy, focused and confident.

So, for me now is essential keep doing more of what makes me happy.

Be with people that I care, to help those that are in need, super-serve people I work with, read daily, move my body the way I feel, travel and discover the world, live personal commitments as often as I can, make this world a better place.

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Thank you for been here, I hope you will come back to read the next post.

Hint: Never stop learning and being curious, search for answers and enjoy yourself.


Do you know who is Korben, from California ?

It is something new for me to write my thoughts and experience in english, and i am sure that i will make a lot of gramatical mistakes and i definetly don’t want to apologise about this, because it is a process of learning and it is a challenge for me.

But also was challenging and for my friend Korben to leave California and start traveling to Thailand, but fortunatly now he come to Moldova, what wasn’t in his plan. Before that he visited Ukraine, were he drank vodka, he is crazy because not everywere in Ukraine you can find good vodka, but not that is the point. Before Ukraine, he visited beautiful city Viena, and there he meet my old friend Pawel, from Poland. I am not sure about this, were exactly they meet, but you can ask Korben. Pawel is a interesting personality and live a life on adventure and travel. We meet 3 years ago, and then was also a boutle of vodka, but this time was Poland vodka, very good one. We spent good time and we become friends. After Korben meet Pawel all his life and plans changed all around.

If you remember in the begining Korben wanted travel to Thailand only, but after he meet Pawel he traveled in Poland everywere, then Ukraine, Moldova, and with help of my brother and his girlfriend he visited Bucharest and a part of Romania. After that he was in Budapest, and last destination i observed on his facebook page, was Munich, Germany, he was at Oktoberfest, drinking a lot of beer and get a nickname: “Beer Jesus”

All that guys and girls, mostly girls, from Germany was excited to see him, he have a big beard and is so nice, as a personality. And i liked his words, when all together, people from that fest, said that he is amazing, and he respond: “hey guys i just came to this fest, i don’t know what you talk about.”
A lot of people want to live in America, want to leave from their native country and moved there. Korben lived there, but he also want a change, he want something different, and i think that in this case is not were you are from about, it is about our desire to leave and try it in another place. It is normaly and i’m agree with him.
In our time we live in the same place for more then 20 years, is a lot of time. Some of us, were born and will live our lifes in the same place, country, till we die. That is not so easy for our personality, because in a time when everything goes around and changing fast you can’t be satisfied with living in the same place all life, i mean for a while until you grow and become mature as a persone. Our goal is to discover our potential, and also to discover what can this world give us and what we can give back.

Definetly it is a great challenge to follow your dreams, but is worth it.

Korben follow his purpose and will get to Thailand, but before that he will travel by train, with Trans Siberian Railway thru Russia. Then China, and others countries i think.

Somebody once told me, until you are young follow your dream and do everythink you think is good for you.