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Real entrepreneurs


Real entrepreneurs are those that build the healthy relationship with their team.

No one in the world can run a successful long-term company without trusted colleagues. In Moldova, we know a lot of ”self-claimed” entrepreneurs that don’t give a shit on people and stakeholders they work. They think that if you have a profit at the end of the month that it’s essential that you can have. If you collect your salary, it doesn’t matter what salary receive your colleagues. The bad experience from Sovietic times taught the people that someone needs to work for you for a penny. Instead, you should grab everything you can and live your life as you want.

My opinion is that the strategy will not work for an extended period. The history confirmed this fact.

Being close and right to your people can give you a chance to build a reputation, a relationship, and a legacy that will last a long time.

Real entrepreneurs are those that care enough to understand that their lives are the same as the employees they hire. It’s easy to hire a right specialist, but its harder to make him stay and care about your product and the work he does.

When you think the next time to open a business or to become an entrepreneur, think twice, can you build relationships that will last?

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