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Damn, sometimes I want so hard to be a kid again

You ever felt lost in multitasking or overworking? I speak now about situations when you have tons of task at the same time. You start feeling lost with the first sign of tiredness. At that moment stop and look around, find a happy person and remember yourself being happy. Take a deep breath and speak to yourself that everything will be fine and you will deal with all the things.

Another thing that could help, look at your hands, do you ever thought how they work together and never get mixed? Go with the flow and always do your best, even if you are on your bad days. All of us have bad days, the difference between a professional and average worker its how they deal with bad days. Those days never goes forever, always come back, sometimes with more significant force. You can choose to become stronger and braver or to hide. But, my friend, if you start hiding once, you will do it forever.

Take the hard way, face your bad days and find ways to get stronger, get some help from family, friends, books, whenever you can. If you can admit, that you are weak, you have the potential to become strong.

If when you were a kid someone told you that you need to fall at least 1000 times before you start walking, you had never learned to walk.

Damn, sometimes I want so hard to be a kid again.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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