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New Alexandria

Do you the idea of how many books were written?
The Google says that we have around 130 mil books published by 2010 so we can suppose that today we have no more than 200 mil books.

So, can we speak about the fact that we lack the information and knowledge to grow? Definitely, no.

Information is more than we can absorb and its good to develop skills to ignore the distractions and to find the contributors. For this, to work you need to know and understand yourself. Your needs are different, and only you can know what books you need to read next. There could be an infinite list of books to read in a lifetime, but it’s not 100% sure that you will enjoy most of them.

I try to choose books accordingly to my current lack of information or continuously improving my database of knowledge in different fields, as following: design, parenting, workouts, stretching, marketing, events, human behaviors, psychology, etc.

Understand what you need to know and what will lead you to succeed and push forward in that direction.

The days are long, but the years are short. So its no need to hope that someday you will be less distracted, or you will have more time, or even, the information and knowledge that you need will not be anymore requested.

Photo by Valentino Funghi on Unsplash

Thank you for been here, I hope you will come back to read the next post.

Hint: Never stop learning and being curious, search for answers and enjoy yourself.