Personal Development

Choose your financial partner

I write about money and finance; it’s necessary to mention that it’s personal and we should take care of our interests. That’s doesn’t mean that we need to become greedy and selfish but to become aware that other people can be like that and would do anything to have our money.

History has proven that men killed men for power and money but if we take wealth from at least three most prosperous people on earth than we can deal with poverty for a whole year.

We need to be smart and invest in ourselves to become wealthy. If we will choose where or with whom to spend our money than we need to search for those qualities:
– intelligence
– transparency
– open minded
– tolerant
– competitive
– friendly
– sincere
And any other attributes that are similar to the merits from a friendship. In the end, it’s about people meeting people, and they are doing business together, so if you can’t find the common sense from the start, then why you would after the money disappear?

Photo by Marten Bjork on Unsplash

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