Hackathon Media

So, I was this weekend to a media hackathon by invitation of a new friend Emil. It isn’t my first participation in such kind of events, but I gave it a try. I can start with the fact that the focus of the hackathon was on media and how to stop propaganda and fake/false news.

Thinking to local media results and the general situation in this informational niche I feel that we need more than that, but let’s be thankful for the small things that happen to us.

I was surprised that at this kind of events we had less good tech professionals than generalist or non-experienced at least in the business sphere. If we will take a look at the definition of the word;
”Hackathon – an event, typically lasting several days, in which a large number of people meet to engage in collaborative computer programming. or “a series of 48-hour hackathons to build new web and mobile services.”

My question is, why we did minimal programming? I think at least we need to discuss how to build our ideas and projects from the programming part, to have a plan and to know in which direction to work. Why do not bring more tech people and let them give us a tech solution to our ideas? Maybe this could work for the next events.

The overall impression is good because at this events we can meet people and share knowledge. I did practice my design skills and business thinking. We don’t know why, but our idea didn’t win, and we didn’t receive any appropriate feedback why. For the next events, I think its good to give the participants a feedback form where they can read constructive feedback on their projects. In this way, we can understand what to avoid next time and the solutions of the mentors.

My lesson is that its way much productive to generate ideas and to make them work before participating in this kind of events. Its easier to present a product that was tested and has a working business model. Make a plan, start research, do some testing and act until you create a product that helps someone and can be sustainable.

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Personal Development

New Alexandria

Do you the idea of how many books were written?
The Google says that we have around 130 mil books published by 2010 so we can suppose that today we have no more than 200 mil books.

So, can we speak about the fact that we lack the information and knowledge to grow? Definitely, no.

Information is more than we can absorb and its good to develop skills to ignore the distractions and to find the contributors. For this, to work you need to know and understand yourself. Your needs are different, and only you can know what books you need to read next. There could be an infinite list of books to read in a lifetime, but it’s not 100% sure that you will enjoy most of them.

I try to choose books accordingly to my current lack of information or continuously improving my database of knowledge in different fields, as following: design, parenting, workouts, stretching, marketing, events, human behaviors, psychology, etc.

Understand what you need to know and what will lead you to succeed and push forward in that direction.

The days are long, but the years are short. So its no need to hope that someday you will be less distracted, or you will have more time, or even, the information and knowledge that you need will not be anymore requested.

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Fabrica de jocuri


Voi cunoașteți cum se creeaza un joc video?

Industria de jocuri este într-o continuă creștere, iar unele companii înregistrează rezultate financiare remarcabile.  

Supercell, de exemplu, în anul 2013 înregistra venituri de 2,5 milioane dolari pe zi, conform wikipedia. Părerea mea este că suma dată este impunătoare, luând în calcul că este doar pentru o zi. 

Oare nu merită această industrie atenția noastră? Putem să o ignorăm sau să nu recunoaștem căci câștigă tot mai mult teren, dar la sigur că nu putem nega faptul că devine tot mai importantă. 

Avem o posibilitate unică în Moldova să aflăm mai multe despre această industrie prin participarea la prim conferință de Game Factory. 

Detalii despre conferință aici, iar pentru a vă înregistra aici

Nimic mai mult și nimic mai puțin, vă aștept la conferință, o să avem foarte multe de discutat. Pot să vă asigur că o să revin cu un articol direct de la fața locului. 


Îți mulțumesc că ai fost pe aici, sper să revii curând. 

Nu înceta să înveți și să fii curios, caută răspunsuri și primește plăcere. 


Game factory

Who knows how to create a video game?

The gaming industry is constantly growing, and some companies recorded outstanding financial results.

Supercell, for example, in 2013 registered revenues of $ 2.5 million a day, according to wikipedia. In my opinion the amount of revenue is really impressive, considering that it is only for one day.

Does this industry deserve out attention? We can ignore it or we cannot recognize that it gains more ground, but certainly we cannot deny that is becoming increasingly important.

We have a unique opportunity in Moldova to know more about this industry by participating in the first  Game Factory Conference. 

Find details about the conference here and here you can register.

Nothing more and nothing less, I expect you to the conference, we have a lot to discuss. I can assure you I’ll come back with an article directly from the event. 

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