Employer Branding

Employer Branding pe timp de criză, de ce să ții cont și ce să faci.

Grija față de oameni este chintesența employer brandingului pe timp de criză. Dacă și doriți să creșteți loialitatea colegilor voștri este important să le oferiți grijă, profesionalism, echitate și corectitudine în munca lor. Ei nu trebuie să fie preocupați de lucruri de bază. Altfel ei nu se pot concentra pe probleme cheie cu care se confruntă zi de zi. 

Abordarea personală și înțelegerea problemelor prin care trec colegii noștri ne poate oferi răspunsuri cum să-i ajutăm și ce suport să le oferim. Este foarte dificil în situații noi să adaptăm vectorul companiei, dar absolut necesar. Dacă nu înțelegem clar de ce au nevoie oamenii noștri și doar copiem ceea ce fac concurenții, rar le vom oferi lucrurile necesare.


employer branding: how to deal with?

When we start speaking about employer branding, I have the opinion that everyone thinks they understand what’s that, but very few can say in concrete terms what it is. First of all this domain intersect two vast areas of company interests: human resources and marketing.

Why that’s happening? Because you need to deal with people. In each domain we do, but here the secret is to listen to people needs and transform those needs in actionable tasks and improvements. Namely, this will make their work life better. Of course, if you want to listen and hear. Listening to them can give you the chance of increasing, even more, the ROI.

Employer branding is the domain of watching how people behave and try to align their behavior to company goals and objectives. Sometimes that is impossible, and that could be the situation when ”cultural fit” wasn’t the requirement at the interview. That’s often happening because the company doesn’t know what the culture should be. The pros and cons of the culture should be decided before recruiting. Yes, that is a part of employer branding.

When we deal with building the employer branding, we start with the first step: asking people what they would like to experience in their company. In this way, we will begin working on our internal branding. Working for external environment starts when we deal well with our team. Going outside happens because we want to hire new colleagues that will fit our business goals — doing that with the help of social media, PR, partnerships, and sponsorships.

Employer branding is a domain of exploration and kaizen.

Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash

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