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Builders or Destroyers

Builders are those people that are organized and take care of everything they can. If they come to a new place, then their eyes are running to find things that they can improve and repair. They always are open to help and seek new opportunities to connect and evolve. There is no way to say that builders are born, in the childhood parents teach them how to build and be useful and in the maturity, they understand how important is to change and contribute to the transformation of the world they live.

A quote that characterizes them: ”Leave this world a better place, day by day.”

Destroyers are all those that do the opposite.

We live a hard life, or it could be worse, but we live somehow, and it’s not logic to make our survival harder. People that seek the chance to improve things are those that will save this world and will leave this place a better place for their children.

What will you choose?

Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash

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