employer branding: how to deal with?

When we start speaking about employer branding, I have the opinion that everyone thinks they understand what’s that, but very few can say in concrete terms what it is. First of all this domain intersect two vast areas of company interests: human resources and marketing.

Why that’s happening? Because you need to deal with people. In each domain we do, but here the secret is to listen to people needs and transform those needs in actionable tasks and improvements. Namely, this will make their work life better. Of course, if you want to listen and hear. Listening to them can give you the chance of increasing, even more, the ROI.

Employer branding is the domain of watching how people behave and try to align their behavior to company goals and objectives. Sometimes that is impossible, and that could be the situation when ”cultural fit” wasn’t the requirement at the interview. That’s often happening because the company doesn’t know what the culture should be. The pros and cons of the culture should be decided before recruiting. Yes, that is a part of employer branding.

When we deal with building the employer branding, we start with the first step: asking people what they would like to experience in their company. In this way, we will begin working on our internal branding. Working for external environment starts when we deal well with our team. Going outside happens because we want to hire new colleagues that will fit our business goals — doing that with the help of social media, PR, partnerships, and sponsorships.

Employer branding is a domain of exploration and kaizen.

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Who is your dragon?

Despite all our big dreams and wishes, I think we never faced something so important or urgent to give us an impression of ”what are fundamental things” for us.

We run, run fast for money, power, respect, love, recognition, knowledge, appreciation, or any other thing you consider essential. You know why, in my opinion, things that society and our civilization impose us, aren’t the best we can get.

Once you face the chance to lose someone…

You can feel why all other things are so useless. ”Tools” are the perfect description of all things that we wanted, they can entertain us, but will never give us that feeling of acceptance and meaning.

What are those emotions and actions that you want to have in your life that will give you enough of everything you want?

Remember that tools have their role, only we can choose what will be significant in our life.

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How bad can it go?

I heard one interesting idea that if you take care of yourself and your responsibilities you start to have success, then you will add more, otherwise, if you start to fail then things will go even worst. In any moments of triumph or not, its wise to ask yourself what I did wrong or maybe what I did before that brought me here. Understanding that we can start changing the road we go. Human beings are overcomplicated systems that can be programmed or modified in the good or bad way. From late times we have incorporated chaos and order in our life. The tricky part is that we were born with the chaos side in us and it is pretty intense because we lived in a hazardous and chaotic environment, our ancestors passed thru hell to start making the order. So, watching everything that happens around us, we can observe that now we live a more significant order that it was even 20 years ago. For that keeping going many civilizations make an effort to keep this world in order. For you to have access to medicine, school, internet, food, job, house, everything you use daily.

Did you ask yourself what your role in that is?

Are you just a consumer or a contributor? If you are just a consumer than you go by the river and is nothing wrong in that, but on that path is much easier to start going bad. You overspend, over-consume, etc. If you assume the role of a contributor than you begin planning and try to find ways to improve your life and the environment you live if you do that more often than you start to be a better contributor and will begin to enhance. You need to start small, add your backpack, table, room, home in order, and scale it as much as you can. But, don’t go from big to small, its impossible, the most significant changes start when you go first with yourself if you can change yourself than you can change others.

If you still think how bad can it go? Look what happened in history when sick people were ruling the country, people with unsolved personal problems that scaled at the national level. You bring daily in this world your true nature, no matter how hard you try to cover it. It goes outside as sun comes each morning. Keep it going, its hard, but it deserves the effort for your inner future self and family.

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The bad and the good

Its the day of my bad habits. Always had the idea that the good and the bad live at the same time in me. I felt it, and I know when I was right and not. To destroy or to build, that could be the question to answer me as days passes. We saw what the destruction could do, and the history recorded all the evil leaders that were near to end this world. We are good and the bad at the same time, it’s us who decide what we will choose to act. If we determine the good, we don’t know how great this world can become.

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Unlimited motivation

By searching for motivation ultimately you will find the best source of it by going deep down to your roots of what you are doing and what consists your structure and being. It’s at the same time so simple and so complicated. Not related with a kind of overthought believe system or super-human capacities. Nearby, near each of us, at the distance of your eyes, if you will look, at first, you will not see, after some time you will understand that is all around you. Something that you ignore but you can feel with your body because it’s older than ”us” it’s older than many things. This its called soul, motivation, nirvana, God, tell it as you want, its something that overpass us and shouldn’t be searched outside, because it’s limited there, when you make an effort to look at you without any beliefs and thoughts then you find the unlimited motivation.

You get to the point when you understand that people like you created all the things in the world, and you, by yourself can be a creator and move things forward. Then you get the point that motivation isn’t a magic thing, it’s that energy that keeps you moving forward on achieving your goal.

Some will name it enthusiasm, perseverance, positive energy, I can be wrong here with categorizing this, but the initial idea is that motivation stays before any of those. I think what I’m trying to do at this stage of my life is to create a hierarchy of things and put everything as much possible in order. Once I generate the flow, I keep adding new activities to my hierarchy. I struggle because my fundament was somehow weak or not how I expected to be. I tried in many ways to find answers to my worries, but that brought me to the place where I understood that it’s me who can put the things in order and to decide how my future will be. Still, I have much work to do, but I think that I know what I need to do next.

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Hint: Never stop learning and being curious, search for answers and enjoy yourself.