Personal Development

Morning routines

I had read that the way you start your day is fundamental. It gives you power, direction, energy and focuses on achieving what you want.

In the last five years, I tried many to do lists and self-management techniques, and they helped me to achieve good results, but for greatness, I fell that I need something different. The paradox is that the only person that can stop me from making my dreams come true is me. The way it blocks me is because of the way I am.

We have a way to behave in this world, and the fact is that nobody taught us how to understand and push forward our strong side. For greatness, I realized that the most important is how I behave each day, what makes me energic, motivated, happy, focused and confident.

So, for me now is essential keep doing more of what makes me happy.

Be with people that I care, to help those that are in need, super-serve people I work with, read daily, move my body the way I feel, travel and discover the world, live personal commitments as often as I can, make this world a better place.

Photo by Wade Lambert on Unsplash

Thank you for been here, I hope you will come back to read the next post.

Hint: Never stop learning and being curious, search for answers and enjoy yourself.