Marketing and status quo

When it comes to marketing, we may think that not too many things can change and we can rely on the status quo. But, nothing is permanent, and we know that. We’re afraid to recognize because everything new is related to fear of the unknown and what it brings to us.

Relaying on the status quo is one safe option that many choose. Isn’t very bad until the moment it’s outdated. What comes then? Panic and collapse of any working systems.

We can prevent that by noticing small things we can change daily. It doesn’t matter which industry do you work. You need to listen in any given circumstances. Don’t complain about things you can’t control, pay more attention to what you can change inside yourself and your organization.

Small daily innovations don’t move us on the side of fear because we extend our limits in common sense and voluntarily. That makes a huge difference.

We change by planning or by circumstances, and we choose how we start.

Photo by Eric Garcia on Unsplash

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