Personal Development

Christmas Carol

In one-day people become closer to each other. They want to speak and have a good time together.

Even I felt in one moment when I asked myself: ”This is what I really feel or its something imposed by the Christmas atmosphere?”.

It was a moment when I wanted to buy gifts and to have all my closest friends at the same big table in the parent’s house. For me, it was a strange feeling, because I’m not so religious and I don’t like official holidays. I think we don’t need special days to be closer and to give to each other gifts. I think that is best to be daily sincere and close to the few people you love and care. We have a scarce resource, our attention, and that’s why its so important to be present.

Because of a busy life, we can’t be everywhere doing everything, that’s why we need to choose, and often I feel perplexed when someone says that he or she has a lot of friends and promise a lot of things.

I need to do a lot of work on myself to clearly understand what are my values and how I will choose in different situations of my life. I’m aware that I’m too agreeable, and I need to become more conscious of my choices, maybe sometimes to be bad and rude also.

I believe in good people and I’m sure that we need to do good things, but please do them more often not only on holidays.

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Hint: Never stop learning and being curious, search for answers and enjoy yourself.