The day of tomorrow

How deep should you go with your learning process? As deep, as it sustains you to stay alive and to deal with the challenges you face. You know what? The problems are never-ending so far, maybe in the future people will live otherwise, but now we face daily new challenges. I always was in search of something that can give me the knowledge to guide me many years ahead, and I couldn’t find that in superficial books, so I searched for something different.

Go for books written by Victor Frankl, Stephen Covey, Carl Jung, Jordan Peterson, and more.

Our history can teach us how to deal with the future, and this idea was bizarre for me. It’s not that what happened can directly show us the future, but it can make us understand what we are capable and to understand how wrong we can be.

Knowing what could be wrong gives you the chance to plan for the best.
If you think that you made good progress in your learning, then you stopped, and you need to find new ways to expand your horizons.

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Hint: Never stop learning and being curious, search for answers and enjoy yourself.

Damn, sometimes I want so hard to be a kid again

You ever felt lost in multitasking or overworking? I speak now about situations when you have tons of task at the same time. You start feeling lost with the first sign of tiredness. At that moment stop and look around, find a happy person and remember yourself being happy. Take a deep breath and speak to yourself that everything will be fine and you will deal with all the things.

Another thing that could help, look at your hands, do you ever thought how they work together and never get mixed? Go with the flow and always do your best, even if you are on your bad days. All of us have bad days, the difference between a professional and average worker its how they deal with bad days. Those days never goes forever, always come back, sometimes with more significant force. You can choose to become stronger and braver or to hide. But, my friend, if you start hiding once, you will do it forever.

Take the hard way, face your bad days and find ways to get stronger, get some help from family, friends, books, whenever you can. If you can admit, that you are weak, you have the potential to become strong.

If when you were a kid someone told you that you need to fall at least 1000 times before you start walking, you had never learned to walk.

Damn, sometimes I want so hard to be a kid again.

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Hint: Never stop learning and being curious, search for answers and enjoy yourself.

My answers to career challenges

I’m pursuing my career, and at some problematic points, I found answers to the next questions:

Q: The country I live gives me enough opportunities to grow to the maximum career level I want?

A: No, definitely in Moldova it’s tough to plan the career grow because of a volatile environment and old management styles. I solved this by start planning what skills I need to learn that can help me find a job in Moldova and not only. I oriented myself to digital and technology fields that are and tend to be universal. We face four barriers when we want to change a job: the country and barrier language, being recognized as a part of the community, changing the industry and meeting the professional standards, and the last is fitting and pursuing a career by learning the skills and performing.

Q: Do I have a career or a job? I understand the differences?

A: The job gives you the place to earn money and spend your time. You learn some skills in a few years and repeat what you do daily, until the moment someone better and cheaper than you come to do the same job.

A career is what you do most of your time, or at least about what you are thinking most of your time. You have a plan of what you want to achieve and how you can grow and be a better professional. Earning money is important, but come as a result, not the primary motivation. After you invest a lot of time in that, it becomes a part of you, and your career is your lifestyle. For having a career, you need to think long-term and try to understand how your legacy will impact your life and your family for many years ahead. Try the Japan method kaizen, continuous incremental improvements of everything you do. In my research, I follow the quote of Bruce Lee, ”Using now way, like a way. Having no limitation, as a limitation.”

Q: How many biographies did you read?

A: I had the chance to read the biography of Bruce Lee, that made a significant turnaround in my life. He opened my eyes to Buddhism and philosophy, mysticism and existentialism, planning, self-motivation, performing, being yourself, zen, Allan Watts, Carl Jung, and many many more. Stephen Covey was the person who introduces me in the leadership based on principles and values; with the idea of leading from the back, motivation and putting the first thing first. Victor Frankl taught me that anything in this world has a meaning and at least you have a ”why” you will find a way. The most important is that you should ask more often what I want from this life, than what this life wants from me. You become proactive and find ways to solve anything and achieving what you want. He said that between stimulus and response exist a space that gives us time to decide how to act no matter the situation. Richard Branson showed me how important is to expose to diverse activities and experiences, and that you can learn anything if you are willing to take care of yourself and people you work. Carl Jung invited me to a psychology space where I could see beyond the material things and understand that this world is made from something more than we can fell and touch. Nelson Mandela is an excellent example of patience and tolerance, which changed a nation and gave them a better future. Many more are on the list.

Q: Who are your mentors? Digital and real ones?

A: I grew up in a small village where people that inspired me was my teacher of Romanian language and the sports instructor. So, I start reading books where I found out that we can learn something from everyone, and I changed my world paradigm and started searching for a source of inspiration in each person I met. Now, I have digital and real mentors. If I have any problematic situation, I take the chance and ask them.

Q: What challenges do you face on time and people management?

A: Time management is always a challenge and the most prominent issues to solve are to choose between urgent and essential, and between what thing should go first. Here I can add that time management is about understanding your capabilities and the big picture. I’m new in managing people, but what I already understand is that each of us can be motivated and have own set of values and goals if I can meet them, then I can manage people efficiently.

Q: Do you know that any technical skills can be learned and leadership skills should be practiced with care and empathy?

A: After many years I’m not afraid to learn new skills. I’m sure that it takes time and effort, and I’m happy to do anything to study. On the other part leadership skills depend on what person you are, and first, you need to listen and understand yourself, second, you need to practice the same technic on others. To be a good leader, you should life-study and research the changes that happen in the world.

Q: People go first; it’s a statement that needs to be in front of all the challenges.

A: Because people created everything mechanical in this world and without them, all will stop. On the other part, nature will thrive.

Q: We rely on the team, and we face all the problems together.

A: There isn’t such a thing as ”me” did all the stuff, its a big mistake and a statement of a narcissist. In teams, we can achieve what we will never succeed by ourselves. The exceptions here are genius who has a very high IQ.

Q: In the end, if our project doesn’t make money, then we should revise all our strategies and start another project.

A: We can and should have projects that will not bring us money, but to keep them alive we should first make a good source of income that will enable us to finance all the good causes we support. To be financially sustainable give us wings to do even more and divide dreams from real viable ideas.

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Hint: Never stop learning and being curious, search for answers and enjoy yourself.

We are the average of the apps we use

Which ones do you use?
Book apps?

Time in the app is equal or with time wasted or invested. Even if you want to accept this or not, the time is passing. Use them wisely.

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Hint: Never stop learning and being curious, search for answers and enjoy yourself.

Do you pay cash or card?

Seriously, what do you prefer?

Did you think how easy is to have no cash with you? Somewhere it’s easy, but not so in Moldova. In our country, you should be ready to have both. You never know when you will need to buy something and the store can’t accept the card payments.

It is essential to keep the pace with new technologies and adapt quickly to what could help you;
– Use cards despite of cash.
– The app that tracks your finance. I use MoneyLover; you can search and find something that fits your need.
– Use internet banking to pay your bills it saves you a lot of time, and you can plan simpler your spendings.
– Plan and track everything, your travels, significant investments, spendings, etc. If a company need to have, any penny monitored, why you shouldn’t do the same?
– Save your most important files online, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box are doing an excellent job for that.
– Use Google Drive and online Microsoft Office to keep your docs together. If you plan to track everything the online Excel its a good fit, also the mobile app is a help.
– Get a recommendation from Swarm and Foursquare apps. If you search for new places, this app will advise you.
– Open less social media apps; nowadays they are very big distractors and show you a lot of irrelevant content. Filter, filter, and filter again. Have your priorities in order and keep the focus to obtain your goals.
– Put together the Trello app boards and start planning your days, weeks, months and years. Boring? I don’t give a shit, I have one life to live, and I bet to live it as I want, not how others want. Even if it takes me five years to create systems that help me achieve what I dare, I can benefit from it at least another 40-50 years.
– Receive notifications from Google Calendar, not Instagram. More focus on whats important and fewer distractions on useless photos.
– Are books heavy? Read the e-books 🙂 easy and comfortable to use. And many many more.

Keep the pace with technology if that will increase your productivity and help you have a better life.

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Hint: Never stop learning and being curious, search for answers and enjoy yourself.