My name is Victor. I pass a period of my life when I invest in my professional training and work on improving my relationships with loved ones (family and close friends).

I am sure that relationship, process, any system can be improved, daily time, energy and effort investments contribute directly to it. I strive to have my own vision of the events, but not to impose this vision on anyone. Fairness and honesty are very important in my life and work.

To keep my word taught me that I cant promise what I cant do and that every word spoken must be measured. Living according to my own principles is crucial. Energy and positive vision of life characterize me.

I was born in Carpineni village and Im proud to grew up there. I have a lot of special memories from my childhood and many abilities has been acquired there.

The content of this site has an educational purpose and calls for action. I write for myself and I dont want to become popular. This blog is a personal development project, and here you will find lessons learned.

I have a passion for Capoeira and I plan to practice it more often. Thanks to this sport has happened many beautiful things in my life and I’m sure there’s more.

I’m sure life is too dynamic and diverse to limit me and stagnate in my own comfort zone. At the moment I’m studying UX and UI Design, I’m a trainer for kids and involved in some smaller projects, but I’m always open to new experiences and I like to do my job well.

Create, innovate, develop and be an example – are the keywords that characterize me and guide me.

Thank you for being here, I hope you will come back soon.

I urge: Do not stop learning and being curious, looking for answers and enjoy yourself.